Marxist propaganda in Austrian primary schools

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A “scandalous” pamphlet has been discovered in a primary school in Vienna encouraging children to oppose the government and embrace Marxism.

The vice-president of the National Movement Krzysztof Bosak received the leaflet from one of his supporters and published it on Twitter.  It was brought home by a 10-year-old from school. In a “school timetable for 2018/19″ there is explicit content urging children to oppose the right-wing Austrian government. “Become part of the resistance.”

One can also see LGBT+ symbols, signs promoting anti-capitalism, Marxism and the legalization of marihuana. “LGBT, Antifa, leftism and embittering children towards the ruling coalition in Austria”.


The website believes that the pamphlet is a clear example of the alliance between Marxists and LGBT societies. It’s not about tolerance and accepting other sexual orientations, but about striking the core of the European social system – the traditional family as well as profaning religious symbols.

These are actions in accordance with the scenario written long ago by communists. If so, Russia ruled by former KGB colonel Vladimir Putin may be behind the publication of such pamphlets. The aim is to destabilize the rotten West. Marxists along with the LGBT are perfect for the job.

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