No place for Germany in Three Seas Initiative

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Polish conservative experts and commentators criticize the idea of accepting Germany into the Three Seas Initiative. An example is an interview with professor Artur W. Wróblewski in which he warns of German domination of the Initiative.

The member states of the Three Seas Initiative joined together to have stronger clout and a better negotiation position. The moment Germany would become part of the project, it would neutralize some of its advantages.

In 2015 the Weimar Triangle project had died. These were the trilateral talks between France, Germany and Poland. This happened because the Law and Justice (PiS) government strives to free Poland from dependency and submission to German and other European interests. The Three Seas was meant to be about the member states freeing themselves from those influences and creating alternative direction for foreign policy.

If Germany joins the Three Seas Initiative, they will dominate it

“If Germany joins the Three Seas Initiative, they will dominate it,” warns professor Artur W. Wróblewski and also points at fundamental differences of interests between members of the initiative and Germany.


The Three Seas Initiative is meant to be based on the energetic and infrastructural cooperation of Central and Southern European states. “This powerful lobbyist group is meant to be a kind of competition for Germany and France,” he says.

The Three Seas Initiative is also meant to help negotiate gas deals with Russia. Countries such as Poland, Croatia or Slovakia want to diversify their energy sources, whereas Germany is focused on Russian gas.

Poland is interested in American LNG and will also be pumping gas from Norway through the planned Baltic Pipe. When the current gas deal with Russia expires in 2022 “the negotiations with Russia will look very different.”

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