Nord Stream 2: A race against time

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They have already started to build the NS2 pipeline in Finland due to formal reasons but the position of Denmark is crucial. There is still no clearance from Denmark for the pipeline to cross its waters, nor has the project been given environmental clearances.

The start of the NS2 construction precedes the reactions of parties opposing the project – the USA and its possible sanctions and the European Commission working on amendments to the EU gas law, which would place EU laws over NS2. It is also meant to pressure Denmark, whose clearance is necessary, however, not only to complete investments but to actually build the pipeline in the majority of the Baltic Sea.

Denmark is pressured by supporters and opponents of NS2 alike

Therefore, Denmark is pressured by supporters and opponents of NS2 alike.

The start of the construction, despite the protests in Europe and the US will result in stronger divides from opponents of the project, mainly Washington. That’s why it started in Finland and not Germany, whose relations with the US are much worse.

The only thing that could stop works on NS2 or at least halt investments are American sanctions. If they were to happen, then the majority of European companies involved in the project would pull back financial support for the project.

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