Opinion: Duda avoids pedophile affair trap prepared by liberal media

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Jerzy Karwelis

The worst part of an election campaign is the last week or few days just before election silence. If something is thrown at an opponent through the media, then there isn’t enough time to deflect it or have a court take care of it.

The set-up with the act of pardoning a pedophile was meant to be the pinnacle of the negative campaign of Duda’s opponents. No prisoners will be taken in this campaign. Trzaskowski “unites and reconciles” a divided Poland, while at the same time he humiliates and verbally assaults Duda.

Trzaskowski’s supporters are already carrying out physical acts of violence, trying to demolish Duda’s rallies and provoke fights. These provocateurs seem to be enjoying themselves, but aggression has always discouraged undecided voters, and these are the ones that are important right now.

In such a context, we must look into the set-up against Duda with the pardoning of the pedophile issue.


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