In the eyes of the world

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We are the masters of mass outrage towards previous generations. “The world did nothing for the Jews during the Second World War”; “The world did nothing for the Poles who were attacked by invaders from both sides in 1939” ; “Snipers assaulted Sarajevo each day while the world was looking” ; “In the eyes of the world (mainly Dutch soldiers) the Serbs committed the genocide of Muslims in Srebrenica” ; “The world looked over the genocide in Rwanda”.

Not much has changed. We aren’t any better than the previous generations. “Russia is occupying Ukraine while the world is watching”; “Christians are being murdered in the Middle East while the world is watching.”

The same could be said for when the Turkish army and Ankara-funded bandits “cleanse” North Syria of Kurds.

If we are unable to stop this massacre, then we should at least do one thing: let’s stop being outraged by the previous generations – and outraged at their leaders and the citizens who read the papers. After all, they got to know about everything “much” later than the modern viewer, equipped with their smartphones, Facebook and Twitter.

In a few decades, future generations will be speaking of us with the same condescending moral superiority: “The world did nothing for the Kurds”. They will act wise just as we are, and maybe they will even watch another massacre somewhere in the world, through the use of special passenger drones as part of a tourist trip.

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