PiS bets on credibility

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After the spectacular party convention, Norbert Maliszewski explains why voters can trust PiS and how they have achieved their trustworthiness.

PiS has proven their credibility by realizing their social programs. Even though the opposition claimed that they were impossible to fulfill. Given this proven track record, PiS can offer Poles new solutions which have a high chance of being accomplished.

During the latest party convention on Sunday, PiS’s politicians often underlined how successful their party is and how they fulfilled election promises. PiS also proposed a concrete series of programs such as house insulation or energy savings both of which will be positively felt in Polish wallets.

These are not random promises or abstract plans which may be fulfilled in an unknown future. PiS has proven it is a party which thinks about Poland as a whole: from the reconstruction of Police stations, to the construction of local roads and houses for the elderly.

The next political battlefield will be the Polish countryside

The convention was addressed towards the political center, with a positive message. The next political battlefield will be the Polish countryside. It will be a struggle with the peasant party (PSL). For PSL, these elections will be make it or break it. If PiS wins, they will assert their position and eliminate PSL from politics. For PSL this will mean the collapse of their network of local governments and their base for the next elections.


PiS is still seen as a party of success. Despite the image painted by the Polish media, Poland is not just Warsaw. PiS’s program remains popular in smaller towns because it fulfils voter’s expectations.

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