Polish government considers phasing out Chinese mobile brands

Following the recent scandal surrounding Chinese spies in Poland, Jerzy Targalski urged the government to do away with Chinese devices. “When it comes to government institutions, they should not use Kaspersky or Huawei products,” Targalski argued.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Although Targalski believes the removal of Huawei products by the government, which is reportedly under the consideration of Polish authorities, would be a good thing, he doubts it will actually happen. 

“This is because every institution that I know uses Kaspersky and Huawei. The cheaper a product is, the more likely we are to use it,” says the journalist and historian.

Targalski claims that there are two ways to approach the issue of Huawei being an extension of Chinese intelligence: “either we take this into account, or we pretend that we don’t know and pretend to be blind and deaf, and continue on.” 

He underlined that there is no need to listen to the opposition in this case. “If the government decreed the extermination of lice, then the opposition will claim that we need to breed lice.”

American pressure?

Targalski also referred to the claims that action against Huawei would favor the US: “this isn’t about whether this is an American or non-American action, but whether it is right or wrong. If the Americans are pressuring us to do something that is right, then firstly, that is good and secondly, it just means that the state cannot act rationally.” 

Targalski warned that, “if a state is unable to realize this on its own, because it is so weak and fake, then in such a situation foreign pressure is a positive.”


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