Sakiewicz: We must fight for what we worked for

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Tomasz Sakiewicz writes that we should not believe the opposition when they tell us that they will maintain the social programs introduced by PiS. He says even the government will have to use all they’ve got to keep them running. The Civic Platform is surrounded by economists who will be unable to find enough funds for the initiatives.

The opposition and Gazeta Wyborcza’s calls for restoring democracy are also funny, because if that was the case, then why are they participating in the elections?

PiS activists have never mass-abused the election process. The same cannot be said of some of their predecessors. If the opposition wins, there is a fear that their swindles will reach an even larger scale, and they will entrench themselves when the economy starts to fall apart. They’ll use the courts and special services against journalists even more impudently than they did before.