Spanish conservatives establish their own ‘Solidarity’ movement

It is both odd and touching as a Pole to closely observe the birth of the Spanish version of independent trade unions, writes Polish weekly Do Rzeczy Spanish correspondent Małgorzata Wołczyk

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Małgorzata Wołczyk

On the traditional May 1 Labor Day in Madrid, the Spanish trade union “Solidaridad Vox” held its first rally in a major milestone for the country’s trade union movement. In July 2020, Solidaridad Vox had chosen its name in honor of the Polish “Solidarity” which served as the inspiration for Spanish conservatives from the Vox party who recently founded the trade union.

The Vox party’s president, Santiago Abascal, underlined during the rally that “Solidaridad is the only anti-communist syndicate in Spain which finally represents the interests of workers and people of the working-class in opposition to the syndicates subordinate to Leftist ideology which had betrayed the interests of Spaniards long ago in favor of globalists.”

This new initiative, under the green banner of “Solidaridad”, according to secretary general Rodrigo Alonso “will not be subordinate and will not bow its head” before the dictate of EU commissioners who through their ideological agenda, have led Spanish agriculture and industry to the brink.

“Spaniards are tired of watching how traditional trade unions have become the lackeys of powerful centers of authority and especially the government, which has been leading us to ruin, destroying our way of life and attacking our traditions,” Alonso said, faced with the applause from hundreds of gathered who attended the rally despite pandemic restrictions.


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