Swedish government scraps United Nations’ Agenda 2030 goals

By Thomas Brooke
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Authored by Peter Imanuelsen via his Substack, “The Freedom Corner with PeterSweden

Sweden has been doing a lot of things right lately. They have already scrapped the renewable energy plans and have been pushing for more nuclear power.

In the new year, Sweden removed climate taxes on fuel, causing diesel prices to collapse by over 4 SEK (€0.35) per liter.

In 2022, when the Socialist Democrats were in power, the diesel price reached a whopping 28 SEK (€2.46) per liter. After the right-wing government removed climate taxes, prices in the new year reached almost as low as 17 SEK (€1.50) per liter. That is around 39 percent lower diesel prices.

But further steps have been taken…

The previous Socialist government included formulations in directives to governmental organizations in Sweden that they had to work towards achieving the Agenda 2030 goals.

The new government has cut the budget for municipalities and regions’ cooperation for Agenda 2030.

And now, during the Christmas holidays, it removed the Agenda 2030 goals from the directives to government organizations such as the Swedish Energy Agency, the Swedish Chemicals Agency, the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, and the Swedish Food Agency among others.

This is huge.

The Global Goals are outlined in the Agenda 2030 app that comes installed on Samsung Galaxy phones.


Did you know that Bill Gates has donated a whopping $1.27 billion towards funding the U.N. Agenda 2030 global goals? And a large amount of that money is going towards global digital ID.

You can read all about Agenda 2030 and how Bill Gates is funding it in my article here:


This is a major win for the right-wing Swedish Democrats, who are very happy about this move.

“Generally, we don’t see any added value with the Agenda 2030 work and welcome the development,” said Martin Kinnunen, environment and climate spokesperson for the Swedish Democrats.

“During the reign of the Social Democrats and the Green Party, Agenda 2030 and gender equality have been put in place everywhere, and we do not think that is one of the most important tasks for authorities,” he added.

So there we have it. Sweden has begun to go against the Agenda 2030 global goals.

Will anyone else follow?

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