Tesla to open its first Czech service center

The lives of Tesla owners will be made much easier in the coming months, at least as far as the maintenance of their cars is concerned. The US automaker will launch its first service center in the Czech Republic in the spring.

editor: REMIX NEWS
via: e15.cz

Tesla made its first step toward opening a new service center in the Czech Republic, when it registered its branch office last year.

“The official Tesla Service Center will be open in Prague at the end of February or during March, replacing the services Czech owners have to use in Munich, Nuremberg and Vienna,” says Radovan Hasal, head of the Czech Association of Electromobility and Innovative Technologies.

According to the experts, the importance of the Czech market in the eyes of American Tesla is growing. “The brand seems to have appreciated the Czech market as interesting enough that it wants to please the customers and prepare the ground for the new Model 3,” says PwC expert on automotive industry Radek Dráb. According to him, the next step might be setting up an official sales agency.

The carmaker, according to its website, has announced five jobs for Prague, including technicians, managers, and consultants for service. Tesla is planning a service center shortly before the Model 3 comes into Europe.

“Model 3 should be available for Czech customers around the end of March or April,” Hasal said, adding that Tesla could be more widely used in the Czech Republic thanks to the new model. However, the carmaker does not yet offer a direct sales agency, so the buyers will continue to use the nearest sales support center in Vienna.


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