The globalists versus Hungary

Source: Polish Border Guard.
By Dénes Albert
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Almost every week now, the European Union’s power structure is ratcheting up the pressure. In the last few weeks, first the European Parliament adopted a resolution on Hungary’s unsuitability to hold the EU Council presidency, and most recently, the EU Council of interior ministers, in a shameless disregard for the written and unwritten rules of the European Union, has “enacted” the infamous migrant quota scheme, emphatically making Hungary a target again.

Over the past eight years, we have witnessed how migration has spectacularly become a global headline issue starting in 2015. Then, when the public was getting tired of the “migrant theme,” Miss Greta Thunberg arrived with her climate hysteria, lecturing all the world leaders like a mentally ill girl, but when this theme got tired, then Covid-19 arrived, and finally, when there was no more juice left to squeeze from that, came the spectacular bloody war using the territory of a country called Ukraine as a global shooting range.

However, the audience’s attention is fast waning, no one is interested in this soap opera spiced up with everyday horror anymore, so they need to come up with another theme. But so far, it hasn’t come up with anything much better than migration, once discarded as a worn-out record. Make no mistake, these issues — migration, climate, Covid and war, or more precisely what lies beneath the surface of these issues — are crucial to human existence as a whole. However, the media outlets that broadcast these issues to the world put them in a false interpretative framework and use a false set of concepts that can only lead to permanent global war.

The global ideological struggles and real wars of the last eight years are therefore the work of the same global superstructure that has defined the world for thousands of years without the world having any idea. It is a superstructure that looks upon humanity much as a farmer looks upon the inhabitants of a poultry yard. Just as the master does not let the chick or piglet in on the ontological mystery of what his real purpose is in raising the inhabitants, it is also incomprehensible for the globalist to use the real narrative regarding so-called humanity.

In fact, migration is nothing more than a structured assault on the Western world and thereby plunging even the relatively orderly structures of the West into total chaos. Migration is just one plank though. Climate targets, viruses masquerading as pandemics, and the effort to turn Ukraine into a horrendous global weapons testing ground are also crises exploited by globalists as well as crises created by globalists, that all serve the same strategy of domination.

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