Traditional political parties are falling and Brussels is out of reality

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According to Jindrák, the end of the Merkel era will affect the Czech Republic. Merkel is known for being historically connected with the Czech Republic. Even though president Zeman is a strong critic of migration and EU policy, he said it is a pity that Merkel ends. Germany loses continuity, and it is not clear what direction it will go. Merkel, given the length of her mandate, embodied security and continuity, and President Zeman values his relationship with Germany.

Jindrak states that migration is one of the causes of the collapse of traditional political parties not only in Germany but across Europe, and criticizes the European Union for not taking any substantial steps to prevent the “demolition” of traditional parties and the system. He added that on the basis of his experience while working in Germany, the media did not speak about certain topics for the sake of correctness, which is disaster for the EU. He also said the president and the prime minister agreed that the right to migrate is not a given right and expressed concerns about traditional political parties such as the German SPD, which are due to migrating and delaying decisions in danger of extremists.

The Head of the Foreign Affairs Department then spoke about not having any “central topic“ which would represent the Czech Republic as a state and that is not good. Rejecting everything is not a program according to Jindrák who also criticized politicians for discussing the Pact in the last minute while it has been publicly known for more than two years. He ended this interview by saying that president Zeman is not a Russian troll and talks between Putin and the Czech side are conducted in a fair and balanced atmosphere.

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