What can Duda get from Trump?

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On September 18th, Andrzej Duda will take part in an official visit to the United States. He will finally be able to speak with Donald Trump one on one. This is a dream come true for Law and Justice (PiS) politicians. What’s more, Duda should be able to gain a few important declarations concerning Polish safety from his hosts.

There are two objections to be made, however:

First of all, no matter if you’re a supporter of the President or not, you should cross your fingers for the success of this visit. It concerns the safety of all of Poland and every Pole, not just a single political option. It would be best for everyone, if Duda brought something concrete from his visit to the US and not just “shiny trinkets”.

Secondly, whether you’re a supporter of seeing Poland as Washington’s most loyal European ally or Poland as a strongly integrated European nation, you should still cross your fingers. Today and tomorrow, it is the US which holds the instruments so vital to our current security.

What Duda can get

So what is Duda travelling to the US for? American sanctions on companies participating in Nord Stream 2, a permanent US military base on Polish soil and new American investments in Poland (especially those concerning energy, technology and the arms industry). As well as abolishing visas for Poles and closer cooperation in terms of espionage and counterintelligence could be possible.

What Duda can offer

What could America expect in exchange? Access to chosen arms contracts with Poland and protection of American interests on the Polish market (which could annoy PiS in terms of the media, but it’s a pill they’ll have to swallow). 

As for euro enthusiasts, don’t worry. Even if Trump demands and Duda accepts Poland being America’s “Trojan Horse in the EU”, it will remain between the two men and won’t have an influence on actual politics.

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