‘You don’t have many weeks left’ – Polish opposition presidential candidate warns TVP journalists

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Civic Platform’s (PO) new presidential candidate, Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski, has threatened to close Polish public television channel TVP Info during a press conference.

All the opinions written on warning about the autocratic tendencies of the establishment figures in the opposition pale in comparison to the words uttered by PO’s new candidate for President of Poland.

“Hurry up asking your questions, you don’t have many weeks left,” he responded to a question asked by TVP Info journalists.

After all, asking PO questions is such a crime, isn’t it?

It’s best simply not to ask. Don’t ask why rivers of sewage were drained into Warsaw, why Poland’s richest city, the capital, is almost bankrupt. Don’t ask if you want to live!

This is a so-called European democrat in his moment of total honesty — an utterly disdainful and outright threat directed to silence those media outlets which are not allied with him.