After brutal Antifa attack on innocent civilians in Budapest, Hungary says it will not extradite suspects to Germany

Even if Germany asks for their extradition, a Hungarian court can still refuse the request

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Denes Albert

Hungarian authorities will not extradite German citizens who belong to a far-left Antifa group back to Germany after they attacked a man in his 40s in Budapest last Friday.

European Union member states can only extradite criminals to another member state on the basis of an arrest warrant, but in this case, Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet wrote that so far there is no information that Germany has requested any such warrant.

As the case currently falls under Hungarian jurisdiction, the state may refuse to extradite the persons concerned. If Germany were to issue an arrest warrant against the suspects, the Metropolitan Court of Budapest could still refuse to extradite them in light of the criminal proceedings in Hungary.

As Remix News reported earlier this week, a gang of Antifa, mostly from Germany, hunted innocent victims throughout Budapest and severely beat them with iron rods and batons in a series of attacks that have rocked the capital.

Last Friday, the gang, armed with collapsible batons and wearing ski masks, attacked a man in his 40s who was an employee of a tobacco shop in Budapest’s Gazdagrét district. The beating, which was captured on security cameras, left the man severely injured. According to witnesses, the man was probably on his way to work and was attacked after he got off the bus.

Antifa protestors in Budapest on February 11. (Vanda Katona)

Police indicate that the group of Antifa thugs mistakenly believed the man was a part of a demonstration that was taking place in Budapest that had attracted a number of right-wing participants. The Antifa group is accused of targeting six other individuals on the same day, leaving many of them with severe injuries as well. According to police, none of the targeted individuals were a part of the demonstration, but many were wearing black boots and military-style jackets, which led the Antifa group to mistake the victims as right-wing demonstrators.

The 40-year-old tobacco store employee began bleeding uncontrollably after he was assaulted, with a young girl from a neighboring shop trying to help the man but unable to stop the bleeding. The victim was then taken to the hospital by paramedics.

The police cordoned off the scene and, according to the employee of the neighboring shop, two other employees of the tobacco shop were taken to the police station to be questioned as witnesses.

Hungarian police had already arrested four members of the group of mostly foreigners who attacked strangers in Budapest on Saturday.

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