Germany: Jordanian migrant on trial for series of rapes and sexual assaults threatens to kill prosecutor

The Jordanian man refuses to be represented by a woman

By Dénes Albert
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A Jordanian citizen on trial for a series of rapes and sexual assaults has begun in Munich, Germany, but the case has already made headlines for the defendant’s wild antics and threats in court.

The 40-year-old rejected asylum seeker, Fadi M., has disrupted the trial several times with outbursts, and during the reading of the indictment, he threatened the public prosecutor by making a throat-cutting gesture in his direction.

The man has been living in an asylum home with his wife since 2019 and is also furious that his defense attorney is a woman, saying: “I would rather be killed than go through this torture here,” and that “the reason for the torture is my lawyer.”

Fadi M. said he refused to be represented by a woman, telling the judge: “I ask you to pass judgment immediately. I admit everything without having said a word so that the court and the lawyers can have their peace.”

As a result, Fadi M.’s family has also hired a man to defend him at the same time, according to German newspaper Bild.

The Jordanian migrant is accused of threatening and sexually assaulting women in the Lake Tegernsee region in Bavaria.

The first incident was in spring 2021, where he grabbed a woman’s breast in his asylum home, but the woman managed to push him off. A year and a half later, he held down another 18-year–old Iranian woman, groped her, and kissed her. When the mother of the woman confronted Fadi M., he threatened her with a knife. In August 2023, he found the same 18-year-old woman, pushed her to the ground, and forced his finger inside her vagina and then forced her to give him oral sex.

The 18-year-old victim testified over video about the incident.

The defendant admitted that he already served five years in prison back in Jordan for sexual offenses and violence.

The trial is scheduled to continue.

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