Germany: Man sexually assaults pony on farm outside Hamburg, police search for suspect based on surveillance video

By John Cody
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A suspect is being pursued by police after he was caught on a surveillance camera raping a pony at a stable south of Hamburg. The 18-year-old pony, which is named “Carrie,” was abused by the man at 1 a.m., with footage showing the man calmly walking onto the property and starting to attack the defenseless animal.

Steffi B. released the footage to German newspaper Bild, which posted stills of the perpetrator on its web publication.

The attack happened in Birkenmoor, which is in Harburg, just a few kilometers from the Hamburg city center.

The perpetrator is seen with his pants down preparing to abuse the animal in another shot.

The perpetrator climbs through the fence to the ponies' open barn
The perpetrator climbs through the fence to the ponies’ stable. Photo: Lenthe Media

“It took 14 disgusting minutes until it came to an end and the stranger finally disappeared,” said the horse’s owner Steffi B.

“When we came to the open stable the next morning, we didn’t notice anything at first. The animals were not obviously injured in the act,” she stated. However, she noticed a log was in a different place, which prompted her to review the surveillance footage.

The recordings show the man right next to the animals

The owner’s daughter, Jennie D., also spoke up about the attack: “I was horrified to realize that there was actually someone in the stable. The footage clearly shows the perpetrator and the act, it’s just unimaginable and disgusting.”

The perpetrator did work to cover up any evidence he was inside the stable and moved a wheelbarrow back in place.

“He obviously tried to level out the difference in height first with a log and then with a wheelbarrow,” said Jennie D.

The man is tall, slim, dark-skinned, and features a goatee. Seevetal police are reviewing the images from the surveillance camera and are asking for witnesses to come forward.

It is not the first time a horse has been abused in Germany. In 2017, a Syrian migrant raped a pony in broad daylight at Berlin’s Görlitzer Park’s petting zoo.

“My babysitter was out with our son in Görlitzer Park. They witnessed the man sexually assault the pony,” one woman told Berliner Morgenpost at the time. The babysitter took a photo of the man as he raped the pony and provided it to police. The migrant was banned from the petting zoo in response, but it is unclear if he was ever charged by police.

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