Germany: Tunisian migrant stabs asylum center worker in the neck

By John Cody
2 Min Read

A 23-year-old Tunisian has been arrested for stabbing a 20-year-old employee at an asylum center in the eastern German port city of Rostock.

The migrant allegedly attacked his victim after the resident was found using drugs once again inside the building despite repeated warnings

According to the police report, when authorities attempted to temporarily expel him from the property, “there was a sudden attack with a knife.”

Despite the security employee being stabbed in the neck, he was treated at the hospital and according to police, his injuries were not life-threatening.

“The perpetrator, who fled immediately after the crime, was caught and arrested thanks to extensive search measures,” according to police.

A large police presence was deployed to the asylum center, including riot police, police dogs, and a helicopter.

In June this year, three migrants residing at the center were charged with assault after they attacked security guards. The police say the three men became intoxicated and were denied entry to the building, as there are strict rules against alcohol drinking and consumption on the premises, according to Ostsee Zeitung.

In August, a Ukrainian refugee attacked two security employees with a metal pole, injuring two of them. He then threatened employees with a hedge trimmer and a chair. Police threatened to use their firearms and the man gave up and was placed under arrest.

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