Hungary: Budapest pedophile suspect arrested for molesting child in a bathroom may have been protected by left-wing officials

By Dénes Albert
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The police are investigating a complaint related to the pedophile scandal in the left-run Budapest district of Újbuda following the arrest of a man police say molested at least one child. According to the latest information, the pedophile suspect, only identified as Péter Gy., was able to avoid detection for a long time thanks to his mother, who worked in a prominent position at the left-run local government.

István Tényi, a private citizen known for his public interest reports aimed at exposing corruption and illegal conduct, turned to the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) after Magyar Nemzet learned that the young man suspected of molesting a young child in a toilet could have been an employee of at least two institutions run and maintained by the Újbuda municipality. However, there are potentially more charges yet to be filed that indicate he molested multiple children under the age of 12.

Újbuda mayor’s office is embroiled in a scandal involving an alleged pedophile.

According to Magyar Nemzet, however, after a complaint was lodged against the teaching assistant in one of the kindergartens, he was not fired but transferred to another kindergarten in the district.

Magyar Nemzet writes that the left-wing leadership of the district may have used this lenient treatment against Péter Gy. because his foster mother holds an important position in the District XI municipality. She is the head of the district’s human services directorate and indirectly supervises, among other things, the municipality’s public education institutions.

For all these reasons, Tényi filed a complaint with the BRFK on suspicion of endangering a minor and abuse of public office.

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When contacted, the police said that Tényi’s report “is being investigated within the framework of the previously ordered investigation into the crime of sexual coercion.”

It is known that Péter Gy. was arrested last Friday, and the court ordered his detention for one month. He is currently suspected of sexual coercion against a person under the age of 14.

The investigating magistrate’s order also states that there is evidence that the suspect has committed sexual violence against children under the age of 12 in his care. He has not yet been charged with the latter.

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