Hungary: Pakistani killer arrested in Budapest

Pakistani killer arrested in Budapest. (
By John Cody
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A Pakistani man, suspected of being the perpetrator of a murder in Portugal, has been arrested by the staff of the Illegal migration unit of the International Crime Division of the Hungarian Intervention Police (KR NNI), reported.

Investigators contacted the KR NNI Targeting Unit, which contacted the Portuguese authorities through the ENFAST network. After consultation, the suspicions of the police were confirmed. It turned out that the man was using a pseudonym in Hungary and was wanted in Portugal for the crime of aggravated homicide.

At the initiative of the NNI, a Portuguese court issued an outstanding European arrest warrant for the man.

Thanks to international cooperation, it took Hungarian officers less than three weeks to locate the wanted man in Budapest. The man was considered a dangerous criminal, and the NNI asked the Special Services Directorate of the Hungarian police to arrest him. The arrest took place on March 22, 2024.

“The man had no time to be surprised, the handcuffs clicked on his hands so fast, he was given no chance to escape,” the police press release said. The man was taken into criminal custody and his extradition will be decided later.

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