Viral video of Belgian teen forced to kiss feet of attackers shows failure of multiculturalism, critics claim

By Thomas Brooke
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Viral footage of a Belgian teenager being savagely beaten by a gang and forced to kiss the feet of his attackers has provoked a strong reaction from lawmakers opposed to mass immigration and in favor of greater law and order.

The disturbing video circulated on social media on Thursday purported to show a defenseless White teenager humiliated and mauled by a group of peers. The victim is ordered to kneel before the aggressors who put their feet in front of his mouth and shouted, “Kiss! Kiss!”

Under duress, the victim obliged and kissed the feet of several attackers before being punched and kicked in the head as he lay on the ground.

According to the Dutch newspaper Brabants Dagblad, the incident took place at a sports hall in the Belgian municipality of Zelzate, close to the Dutch border. It is understood the footage was filmed last Friday, Aug. 11.

“It concerns a minor victim. The suspects also seem to be peers,” a spokesperson for the Puyenbroeck Police Department told local media.

“We saw the images last night,” they said on Thursday. “We suspect that we will quickly identify the young suspects.”

The video has provoked a strong reaction from local politicians and the wider conservative community across Europe.

“We take this very seriously. It’s horrifying what’s happening in those images. I condemn this kind of behavior with every fiber in my body,” said Brent Meuleman, mayor of Zelzate and a member of the socialist Vooruit party.

“The victim’s parents contacted me last night to report the incident. The police have been investigating all day. I hope those guys are identified and justice will be served for the victim,” he added.

Other politicians and commentators were more scathing of the wider circumstances surrounding the attack, claiming it pointed to evidence of deteriorating law and order and a failure by some to integrate into Western society following years of mass immigration.

Tom Van Grieken, the leader of the nationalist Vlaams Belang party in Belgium, called the scenes “disgusting” and asked his followers, “Is this really the society you want to live in? Time for law and order. Time for Vlaams Belang!”

Jens De Pauw, the Vlaams Belang party secretary in the port city of Gent, claimed the video was evidence of “cultural enrichment” causing “degeneration,” and called on the socialist PvdA (Labour) party, which co-governs in the municipality alongside Vooruit, to condemn the attack.

“This young Fleming is beaten up, humiliated and forced to kiss the feet of these immigrant attackers… How do you think this will end? Wake up,” commented French lawyer and activist Pierre Gentillet.

“Moroccan immigrants humiliate and force a Belgian boy to kiss their feet. It seems that ‘multiculturalism’ is not going quite well in Europe,” added acclaimed French writer Emmanuel Rincón, founder of the Regional Renaissance political consultancy.

The video has now been viewed on X, formerly known as Twitter, more than 260,000 times with even the U.S. billionaire and owner of the social media platform, Elon Musk, describing the footage as “messed up”.

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