‘Wallah, I will kill you!’ Spurned Algerian migrant jailed for storming ex-girlfriend’s home and stabbing her friend

By Thomas Brooke
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An Algerian migrant who stabbed his Swedish ex-girlfriend’s male friend with a large kitchen knife after she had broken up with him has been jailed for just two years.

On May 25 this year, 26-year-old Mohammed Amana drove to an apartment in the small town of Orrefors in Nybro municipality where his ex-partner was staying temporarily with her male friend.

He used a ladder to climb to the apartment’s balcony and used a large rock to smash the balcony window and enter the apartment equipped with a large blade, according to reporting by the Samnytt news outlet.

The male friend recorded the incident on his mobile phone, and the footage shown to the Swedish court showed Amana standing outside the locked bathroom door where his ex-girlfriend had taken refuge shouting, “Wallah, I will kill you; I swear on my mother.”

The migrant vowed to “open up” the woman and rape her mother.

When the male friend attempted to stop the attacker, he was stabbed with the knife resulting in significant wounds to his neck and hand.

Amana was arrested following the attack and claimed during police questioning that he had heard voices urging him to enter the apartment but claimed to have no memory of any other details. He did, however, deny stabbing the male friend.

Before the attack, Amana, who first arrived in Sweden in 2015 and claimed asylum, had already engaged in criminal activity and was the subject of an unenforced deportation order.

He had previously been convicted several times for aggravated assault, violence, theft, and drug offenses, and had been ordered to leave the country by a court in 2018. Despite this, Amana remained free in Sweden and continued to commit multiple offenses over the past five years.

The Algerian national was convicted of aggravated assault, aggravated unlawful entry, and serious unlawful threats by Kalmar District Court on Aug. 16.

He was subsequently sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and faces deportation with a 10-year ban on returning to Sweden when released.

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