Czechs can now consent to sex with new app

The new XPASS mobile application seeks to reduce the number of sexually motivated crimes. (Porapak Apichodilok/Pexels)
By Kristýna Čtvrtlíková
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There are thousands of victims of sexual aggression in the Czech Republic every year, but unfortunately, false accusations do occur from time to time. Now, the new XPASS mobile application seeks to reduce the number of sexually-motivated crimes and bring awareness to the area of sexual and legal protection. According to its creators, the app should serve, among other things, to confirm that people will engage in sexual acts voluntarily.

In practice, this should work very simply. The creators anticipate that both partners will have the XPASS application installed before the actual contact, in which they will enter their consent. It includes such details as which sexual practices are allowed and which are not. In the event of a dispute, the app is supposed to clear up any misunderstandings or accusations.

“The application also has resolved the issue of ‘users under duress’, when it offers such a user the opportunity not only not to give consent, but even to subtly call for help from professionals from the security company,” said project author Alena Sadílková.

As expected, younger individuals are expected to show the most interest in the app, especially given that they are the most connected to modern technologies and social networks.

“We do not agree with the statement that giving consent is unromantic, exaggerated, or even a weapon of women against men,” Sadílková specified.

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