President Zeman objects to Prague City Council´s China policy

President Zeman is against Prague’s China policy.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Czech News Agency

In a letter to his Chinese counterpart  Xi Jinping, President Zeman mentioned several specific areas of cooperation between the two countries that should be preserved. Zeman further stated he does not agree with Prague City Councilors who are in dispute with Beijing and that the Czech government fully respects the “One-China” policy. Last Monday, Prague City Council decided to terminate the sister agreement with Beijing due to the unwillingness of the Chinese party to renegotiate the clause on recognition of “One-China”.

At a meeting held at Prague Castle last week, however, the Czech top constitutional officials agreed that the Czech Republic recognizes Chinese sovereignty and respects the “One-China” policy.

“The President of the Republic, therefore, urged the President of the PRC to keep pragmatic projects of Czech-Chinese cooperation. For example, President Zeman mentioned the promotion and development of direct flight connections between the two countries, the resumption of cultural cooperation as well as the intensification of mutually beneficial economic and investment cooperation. In this context, the President of the Republic mentioned the traditional China Investment Forum, which will take place at the beginning of December,” stated the President’s office.

The Czech President also addressed a letter to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese company CITIC Group. He urged the company to further develop its assets and activities in the Czech Republic, including the continuing support of Prague´s football club SK Slavia. A week ago, Zeman claimed that China, in retaliation for terminating the sister agreement between the capital cities, intends to stop financing SK Slavia.


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