The largest plague burial ground in Europe is located in Czechia

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As archeologists discovered new mass graves of plague and famine victims during the reconstruction of the Ossuary in Kutná Hora in Czechia, the location has now gained the status of probably the largest plague burial ground in Europe.

Archaeologists have already discovered 34 mass graves. In total, anthropologists counted the remains of more than 1,300 victims of the 1318 famine and the 1348 plague epidemic.

“It’s a European rarity. Previously, the largest number of plague victims were counted in London, i.e., about 700 victims,” said archaeologist Jan Frolík.

Scientists found the mass graves while conducting repairs of the Church of All Saints in Sedlec, which houses the world-famous ossuary.

When the walls and towers began to show signs of tilting from its axis, the local parish, which owns the church, decided for extensive reconstruction.

The pyramids of bones in the ossuary are in a very bad condition as well, which prompted restoration experts to begin the purification and preservation process as a part of their plan to rebuild the bone pyramids.

The somewhat bizarre human bones decorations in the Sedlec Ossuary attract a record-breaking number of people from all over the world.

“Last year, we had 426,000 visitors. This year, however, it will be close to half a million visitors,” stated the Sedlec Ossuary representative.

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