Migration does not create prosperity, quite the opposite

Dozens of people from all over the world line up in front of the central registration center for asylum seekers in Berlin, Germany, Monday, Sept. 25, 2023. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)
By Dénes Albert
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There is a camp of those who are clever and cosmopolitan, who to a certain extent embody the higher moral consciousness of society and formulate a socially palatable view on immigration. For example, it claims that only immigration will secure the prosperity of our nation, increase its benefits, ward off harm, and so on. All sorts of magical figures are used to prove all this clearly and objectively.

On the other side is the camp of the ignorant people who do not want to see this. Those who do not have this higher moral consciousness and who are therefore not so insightful in the eyes of the sanctimonious elite. Instead, they ignore the “facts”, oppose progress with hatred and agitation, and are therefore quite rightly politically excluded and marginalized. No one needs to deal with their arguments because they have none.

The nonsense of profitable migration

Beyond the dream world of the former camp, everyone knows what to make of their collective view. The medical assistant in the doctor’s surgery who settles the horrendous sums with the health insurance companies; the employee in the social welfare office who lets his gaze wander over the waiting area; the policeman on the street who tackles the devastation caused by immigration — they all know about the grotesque nonsense that Germany is profiting from immigration.

Pro-immigration advocates dismiss their anecdotal evidence as subjective impressions that are not corroborated by statistics. However, with the new study “Honorable State? Focus migration on the fiscal balance of immigration” by Bernd Raffelhüschen, this is now changing.

Raffelhüschen, who teaches finance at the University of Freiburg, is one of the most renowned pensions and social affairs experts. What he has to say to his numerous colleagues, who propagate immigration as a remedy, is quite something.

Solving the “sustainability gap” with immigrants?

In his view, demographic “change” — more likely a tangible catastrophe — will strike mercilessly in the coming years, which will be particularly noticeable in our pension system. Fewer and fewer people paying into the system and more and more people relying on it cannot go on for long. The report rebukes entirely the grotesque nonsense that Germany benefits from mass immigration.

However, reports do not solve the problem. Those who join us today will not stabilize the pension system but will later be dependent on more benefits than they will have paid in by then. Projected into the future, Raffelhüschen arrives at “a significant increase in the sustainability gap from 447.8 to 497.1 percent of GDP,” compared to if there was no immigration at all.

With an incredible €5.8 trillion in the red

In concrete figures, immigration would be a loss-making business of an incredible €5.8 trillion. Mind you, this is a projection based on the current composition of the immigration structure. “If we carry on as before, we’ll be as dumb as a brick!” commented Raffelhüschen on migration policy to date. But even if the proportion of qualified immigrants increases, the financial scientist calculates we still come to a negative conclusion. Whichever way you look at it, nothing beats German children.

The cosmopolitan citizen has been deceived. His illusory world of magic numbers never really existed. Immigration is not a solution, but merely an expression of not wanting to deal with problems. It remains the same as it has been for thousands of years: The only future-proof pension insurance is the family. Happy are those who have found one despite all social resistance.

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