Brussels shows its double standards, says Hungarian MEP after European Commission ends Article 7 proceedings against Tusk’s Poland

Donald Tusk has shown that if a government is willing to strip away every last vestige of its sovereignty to please Brussels, the member state will be worthy of EU money, said Hungarian MEP Tamás Deutsch

By Dénes Albert
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Poland has been rewarded for echoing Brussels’ pro-war agenda and only offering superficial criticism of the bloc’s migration policy under former Eurocrat Donald Tusk’s government, a leading Hungarian MEP has claimed.

Speaking after the European Commission announced it was ending its Article 7 proceedings against Poland, Tamás Deutsch, the lead candidate for Hungary’s governing Fidesz party at the upcoming European elections, criticized Brussels’ decision and accused the EU executive of double standards.

“This is what happens when you have a pro-war government that supports or only moderately criticizes Brussels’ ambitions on migration, or a government that enthusiastically agrees with the gender ideological madness and warmly welcomes rather than opposes Brussels’ withdrawal of powers,” Deutsch said in response to the news, alluding to the Orwellian novels of “1984” and “Animal Farm” and making parallels with the supranational governance from Brussels.

“If [Tusk’s] government is also scrupulously careful to strip away every last vestige of its sovereignty and is eager to see Brussels take over on all issues, then this member state is now worthy of EU money,” he added.

The European Commission recently reported that the Polish government had taken “huge steps” in February to address the concerns Brussels had about the former conservative (PiS) administration in Warsaw amid allegations the country was backsliding on the rule of law.

The Commission cited Tusk sanctioning Poland joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, recognizing the primacy of the European Court of Justice’s rulings over those of the Polish Constitutional Court, and putting on the table an “action plan” identifying nine measures to be taken to restore the rule of law, as evidence of the country’s new-found compliance.

The action plan, which has not yet been enacted into law, has so convinced the European Commission that all the frozen EU funds due to Poland were released in one fell swoop on the day of its entry into the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, they wrote.

“What is happening is so brazen, so blatant, that it is now beyond the pale in the institutional application of double standards,” Deutsch said.

“It is a decision that goes against European law, which is designed by Brussels to regulate the member states. If we hadn’t seen this on countless occasions, we would be shaking our heads in disbelief,” he added.

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