EU asylum deal proves our elite don’t really believe ‘diversity is our strength’

By Dénes Albert
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Countries like Germany, which are largely responsible for Europe’s migration crisis, always like to virtue signal about being open to mass immigration and multiculturalism. However, their rhetoric often collides with reality. Now, with Germany dealing with a record number of asylum applicants, the public and political mood is shifting against immigration, which has resulted in the ascendant rise of the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Germany’s ruling government — and in fact the entire political establishment — is in a real bind. The same story of a rising anti-immigration right is playing out in a number of European countries, such as France and the Netherlands.

The EU asylum and migration pact, which is basically signed and sealed, is an attempt for the nations that supported open borders, such as France and Germany, to transfer the wonders of diversity to other nations that have rejected multiculturalism and mass immigration. In other words, the mantra that “diversity is our strength” was always built on lies and emotion rather than reality — and this new pact is just another piece of evidence that this is the case.

The new EU rules include a mandatory “solidarity mechanism,” which is a nice term for “forced migrant quotas.” The liberal West wants to force its migrants on countries like Hungary, which helps the Western political elite kill two birds with one stone. On one hand, they are able to threaten the homogenous nature of countries like Hungary and create migrant ghettos in these nations This will eventually create new voting blocs, chances for family reunification, and threaten conservatives in power by making them look weak. On the other hand, the new pact also relieves these Western countries of the burden of their own bad policies.

Hungary has already responded, saying it rejects the reform of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) “in the strongest terms.”

“We will not allow anyone to enter against our will,” Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó told journalists on Wednesday. “No one from Brussels or anywhere else can tell us who we let in, and we refuse in the strongest terms to be punished for it.”

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The new rule says that up to 30,000 migrants can be redistributed across Europe from overburdened countries like Germany to countries like Hungary, which has traditionally rejected asylum seekers. Under the new system, governments will have to pay €20,000 for each migrant they reject.

Considering all of these migrants are supposed to save our pension systems and rejuvenate our economies, one has to wonder why the EU is attempting to foist them on other countries and making them pay a small fortune every time they reject them. Shouldn’t countries like Germany be fighting to keep its exploding migrant population?

The answer is that the entire liberal order is built on a pack of lies. It is so absurd that it is sometimes hard to comprehend.

The agreement still has to be confirmed by the plenary of the European Parliament and the EU member states, but these last steps are usually a formality. The pact does contain some provisions on stricter asylum procedures at the external borders. For example, those who are from countries deemed “safe” can be detained in harsh reception camps and supposedly quickly deported. However, as we already know, migrants can simply toss their passports, lie about their nationality, and say they are from Syria or Gaza.

In the end, the EU and its pro-migrant parties and NGOs will ensure there is no real let up in the amount of migrants entering Europe. The reality is that most on the left, except those few true believers, do not really buy into the progressive mantra around diversity and immigration. They send their children to private schools or live in homogenous school districts. They only see these migrants as a cheap labor workforce to be exploited and a voting bloc they can use to stay in power — forever.

Brussels and liberal EU leaders have followed this path for years, talking about the benefits of diversity while making billion-euro deals with Muslim countries like Turkey to keep migrants from crossing into Europe. It was always about managed demographic transformation, and it cannot happen too quickly, or parties like the AfD or the National Rally might gain power.

In the case of the new asylum and migration pact, our rulers see an opportunity to export their problem to other countries all while increasing legal immigration from countries like India and China. The question is whether Europeans will tolerate these deceptions or embrace true political change before demographic transformation drowns their voices and their vote.

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