EU rams through migrant pact text that ‘could decide the fate of Europe’ after ’13 minute’ debate, says Hungarian minister

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By John Cody
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On Wednesday, Brussels rushed through another pro-migration legislative step that will reshape Europe and allow the left-liberals to relocate migrants across the continent, especially to those countries in the east that have been most resistant to mass immigration.

Hungarian Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior Bence Rétvári wrote that the draft text was distributed to participants five minutes before the vote.

“The debate lasted only 13 minutes on an issue that could decide the fate of Europe and turn member states into immigrant countries for good,” Rétvári wrote in a social media post regarding the meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the EU.

He said that Hungary and Poland voted against the draft regulation related to a specific line of text — the “crisis regulation” mechanism — located within the migration pact, while Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria abstained. However, none of these votes had any bearing on the outcome in Brussels, and this dangerous draft regulation will be passed by a qualified majority.

“Brussels wants to have full control over when, where and how many migrants it settles,” wrote Rétvári.

This proposal would distribute illegal immigrants among EU countries according to new quotas, in addition to the mandatory migrant quotas, if they suddenly appear in large numbers in a member state, Rétvári explained:

The move is seen as a major power grab by the ruling elite in the EU, and while it may violate the treaties, this same group is firmly in control of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). There is little doubt that this body will rubber-stamp the EU’s move if it is challenged in court.

“Brussels is abusing its power by forcing through pro-migration proposals, bypassing the supposedly binding consensus decision-making process,” wrote Rétvári.

The Hungarian government has been fiercely opposed to the EU’s renewed push for migrant quotas, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stating in June: “This is unacceptable! They want to turn Hungary into an immigration country by force!”

Rétvári further argues that the wrong decision was taken in 2015 to allow millions of migrants to enter Europe uncontrolled, and many countries are now feeling the consequences. Now, instead of changing its position, the EU is pushing ahead with the compulsory admission of migrants, the politician noted.

According to Rétvári, this regulation will not stop migration but will force illegal migrants on member states.

“The Hungarian government, in accordance with the will of the Hungarian people, consistently rejects the mandatory distribution of migrants and the creation of migrant ghettos,” the Hungarian minister wrote.

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