German fuel prices among the highest in Europe

MOL petrol station in Budapest.
By Dénes Albert
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Petrol and diesel fuel currently costs “considerably more” at German petrol stations than in most immediate neighboring countries, Germany’s federal statistics office Destatis has announced.

In a press release published on Monday, the statistics office revealed that “only in the Netherlands and Denmark was petrol more expensive than in Germany,” while the cost of diesel in Germany is the highest in Europe.

Destatis reports fuel prices based on data from the Fuel Market Transparency Division (MTS-K) of the European Commission and the Federal Cartel Office. According to data recorded on April 4, motorists in Germany paid an average of €2.06 per liter of super petrol or diesel.

Neighbors of Germany

In Germany’s immediate neighbors, the price of a liter of super petrol was higher that day only in the Netherlands (€2.11) and Denmark (€2.09), while diesel was cheaper than in Germany: €2.04 in the Netherlands and €1.93 in Denmark.

Fuel prices were cheaper that day in countries bordering Germany: in Poland, super petrol was €1.42 and diesel €1.61; in Austria, super petrol was €1.72 and diesel €1.84; in Luxembourg, super petrol was €1.73 and diesel €1.76.

In the Czech Republic, super petrol was €1.81 and diesel €1.93; in Belgium, super petrol was €1.81 and diesel €2.02; and in France, super petrol was €1.83 and diesel €1.89.

The effects of the war in Ukraine

The prices of petrol and diesel at German petrol stations were also significantly higher in the first week of April than before the war in Ukraine, although the prices of super petrol and diesel had already fallen from their peak in the second and third weeks of March. After the start of the war on Feb. 24, prices rose significantly. For example, on Feb. 21, shortly before the start of the war, super petrol was costing €1.80 and diesel €1.66 per liter.

Easter holiday increases fuel demand

During the Easter holidays, many families plan to travel to southern European countries by car or motor home. According to data from April 4, travelers to Italy, for example, can expect fuel prices there to be slightly lower than in Germany — a liter of super petrol and diesel will also cost €1.79. In Croatia, super petrol is €1.68 and diesel €1.88. In Hungary it is much cheaper to refuel than in Germany: super petrol is €1.30 euros and diesel €1.42. Sweden, on the other hand, has to pay much more: a liter of super petrol costs €2.03 and a liter of diesel costs €2.44.

Hungary and Malta are the cheapest

According to Destatis, Hungary and Malta have the lowest fuel prices in the EU. Super petrol is the cheapest in Hungary at €1.30 per liter and the second cheapest in Malta at €1.34. Diesel, on the other hand, is cheaper in Malta at € 1.21, compared to €1.42 in Hungary, where it is the second cheapest in the EU.

Super petrol is the most expensive in Finland at €2.15 per liter and diesel in Sweden at €2.44 per liter.

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