Latest corruption scandal shows EU is a ‘moral corpse and close to political death’ says Hungarian speaker of the house

By Dénes Albert
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The widening corruption scandal that has hit the European Union shows the entire political institution is a “moral corpse and close to political death,” said László Kövér, the speaker of Hungary’s National Assembly, while speaking on the political talk program “Bayer Show.”

Kövér said that in the strange light of recent events involving mass corruption involving millions in Qatari money, it seems that the institutional system of the European Union is itself a system of organized corruption, with George Soros in the background.

Kövér also described Hungarian left-wing opposition MEPs as “traitors.”

Hungarian Speaker of the House László Kövér. (Mandiner/Árpád Földházy)

The scandal enveloping Brussels has seen MEP Eva Kaili placed in jail and lose her position as vice-president of the European Parliament after police discovered €1.5 million in cash stuffed in briefcases and paper bags at her home and other locations. Authorities state the money appears to be a part of a Qatari influence operation. Other socialist MEPs have already resigned, and it appears the corruption probe is widening.

Kövér added that the European Union is now trying to commit economic suicide. Asked what advice he would give to Hungarian left-wing MEPs, the president of the National Assembly said that he thought the European Parliament should adopt the Hungarian Parliament’s system of declaration of assets, which had been refined in cooperation with the European Commission. Such a move may enable Brussels to better track corruption and also give the public more trust in elected officials.

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“Now, the honorable left-wing MEPs should take this back to Brussels and say that if it is good in the Hungarian parliament, it will be good in Brussels. Otherwise, they are net traitors to the country, so there is not much to say about them,” Kövér said.

“We have not yet been swallowed up by the tide of filth and nonsense that has apparently engulfed the West, but let us not be so sure that this will remain the case tomorrow or the day after. So, our position is good because we still have time to defend ourselves, and we can see the trends, and we can see from the negative tragic examples of other countries where a nation can end up, and we have tried to defend ourselves by drawing lessons from these facts,” he added.

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