Migrant quotas could destroy the EU, says Hungarian speaker of parliament

Speaker of the House László Kövér, third from left. (MTI/Csaba Krizsán)
By Dénes Albert
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The European Union’s proposal for the mandatory distribution of migrants will lead to an extreme weakening of the bloc at best, and at worst, it will result in the destruction of the entire project, said Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament László Kövér on Wednesday at a Hungarian-language summer university in Slovakia.

Kövér said that the roots of many of the continent’s current problems go back to the period of regime change and are linked to the disintegration of the former world order and the disregard of previously accepted rules. He added that in recent years, the results of decades of latent processes, such as the economic crisis and migration, have come to the surface and have surpassed even his wildest nightmares.

Speaking about the decision on a quota system for the compulsory distribution of migrants, he pointed out that there are no answers to questions about its implementation, such as how the people to be resettled would be selected, how they would be kept in the country, and what level of care they would receive.

“It is as clear as day that these questions are not answered, but nobody cares. But then you have to ask what it is really all about,” said Kövér. He added: “If the goal is not to destroy the EU, which I do not rule out, then the goal is at least to weaken the EU to the point of immeasurable and extreme chaos.”

Ukraine faces demographic catastrophe

In the context of the conflict in Ukraine, the speaker also spoke about the emigration from Ukraine, noting that Ukraine is facing a demographic catastrophe, with at least 10 million people having fled the country so far. Referring to the results of a survey in Sweden, he pointed out that 70 percent of Ukrainians who fled do not want to return to their country, and that a significant proportion of these people, unlike those from Africa and Arab countries, are well educated and will find work.

“These people will be a net demographic gain for a stagnant, childless, selfish cannibalistic society,” Kövér said. He stated that “there is a system in place to drain resources, both physical and human, from the East across Europe to the sea.”

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