‘Allahu Akbar!’ – Police break up massive brawl at migrant center in German city listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site

By Dénes Albert
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Bamberg is considered one of Germany’s most beautiful cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but the city has not been spared the scenes of chaos seen in bigger cities due to the country’s spiraling migrant crisis. Over the weekend, a migrant center housing hundreds of people saw rival migrants battling each other after an ongoing feud that had forced police to be called back to the location multiple times.

In a video posted to social media, a group of approximately 40 men was seen storming the migrant center, with a number of them screaming “Allahu Akbar.”

According to the Upper Franconia police headquarters, there were approximately 40 people involved in trying to breach one of the buildings before they were blocked by security. However, the video also shows that a number of the attackers did gain access to the building, according to German radio station BR.

The men were reportedly not residents of the refugee center. The spokesman could not say who exactly they were, but police believe that the incident was linked to an ongoing feud between migrants living at the center.

Bamberg is considered one of Germany’s most beautiful cities, and the entire downtown has been recognized as a World Heritage Site.

The 40-person group was reportedly involved in a large brawl on Thursday last week, which triggered a massive police operation, including police from neighboring districts.

During that first brawl, about 100 onlookers from the asylum accommodation watched on. The ensuing battle resulted in seven injuries, including four severe head wounds that required treatment at a hospital.

Officers seized broomsticks and iron bars at the scene, with police assigned to the location afterward to discourage further violence.

Police are still unaware why the groups are bawling, but such fights and outright riots are commonplace in Germany’s crowded migrant centers. As Remix News reported earlier this year, the green university city of Freiburg has been terrorized by migrant violence, which has spilled out of the asylum centers and reached the downtown area of the city.

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