Germany: Afghan man attacks police officers with long blade just days after Mannheim terror attack

Another Afghan migrant knifeman attacks German police just days after a 29-year-old officer lost his life in Mannheim

By John Cody
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A 22-year-old Afghan man has been arrested for attacking police with a large kitchen knife on the island of Rügen in the northeast of Germany. The attack comes just days after 29-year-old German police officer Rouven L. lost his life to a radical Islamist Afghan knifeman who stabbed him multiple times in the neck, with the horrific incident sparking yet another debate about mass immigration in Germany.

On Wednesday evening, a bus driver told police arriving on the scene that the Afghan man was kicking his bus and cutting down election posters with a kitchen knife, according to the Stralsund police report. One of the election posters read “Citizens for Conservative Values.”

The Afghan initially responded to police orders to put away the knife, but he then attacked the officers with the 11.5-centimeter blade. The officers managed to handcuff him after a struggle and avoided any cuts or serious injuries. However, the Afghan suspect was injured in the attack and needed to be brought to the hospital.

The Afghan will be charged with resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, and destruction of property.

German news outlet Junge Freiheit spoke with Alternative for Germany (AfD) MP Leif-Erik Holm about the incident, with Holm saying:: “Time and again, it is migrants who supposedly came as refugees who terrorize the local citizens and endanger the security of all of us.” He added that anyone who acts in such a manner has “forfeited their right to stay in Germany once and for all.”

European elections are in full swing, and election posters are being targeted by political activists in Germany and other countries. On Wednesday, 62-year-old Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician Heinrich Koch was stabbed multiple times when he confronted a political activist tearing down AfD posters in an incident that Koch filmed himself.

Many critics have said that if such a film had been captured of a right-wing activist stabbing a left-wing politician, it would have been featured heavily across the German media landscape and sparked a debate about “right-wing extremism” being a threat to democracy.

Knife crime has skyrocketed in Germany, and overall, violent crime hit record levels last year due to mass immigration. The government’s own statistics show that 6 out of 10 violent crimes are committed by foreigners, when they only represent approximately 14 percent of the population.

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