Germany’s Left Party demands ban of AfD and its youth wing

The call by the Left Party for the AfD to be outlawed comes at a time when the left-wing group is languishing in the national polls while conservative parties are expected to win big in the upcoming European elections

By Dénes Albert
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The federal executive of the Left Party has spoken out in favor of banning the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and its youth organization, Junge Alternative (JA), claiming the AfD is “a danger to democracy.”

In a statement by the Left Party’s co-chairpersons, Janine Wissler and Martin Schirdewan on Wednesday, the pair wrote that “a ban procedure against this party will be examined as quickly as possible”, adding that the AfD’s youth wing must be the first to be outlawed, as it “has long since become a rallying point for right-wing radicals and fascists.”

It is no coincidence that the Left Party made this demand on May 8, Victory in Europe Day, which marks the end of World War II. This day is “also a reminder and a warning because fascism was not completely defeated,” they wrote.

The left-wing party accused AfD politicians of publicly stirring up “racist prejudices and calling for violence against political opponents and minorities.”

Left-wing party accuses AfD of calling for violence

The current attacks on politicians and activists on the campaign trail show how much the AfD has poisoned the political climate, it claimed, despite failing to mention that AfD party members have also been attacked in recent days for the crime of campaigning for democracy on German streets.

The party led by Wissler and Schirdewan also called for “May 8 to be made a nationwide public holiday and day of remembrance,” saying that individual federal states should “follow Berlin’s example” and “at least make the 80th anniversary a public holiday in 2025.”

In this way, the day would remain a reminder of “where fascism, racism, and anti-Semitism have led — directly into war and annihilation.”

SOURCES:Junge Freiheit
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