Germany’s right-wing AfD party surges in Brandenburg, now holds 1st place by 12 points

By Dénes Albert
2 Min Read

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party saw an incredible jump of 9 points in the German state of Brandenburg since the RBB’s last survey, with the party now at a record high of 32 points.

Elections in Brandenburg, which is the state surrounding the capital of Berlin, are still a year away, set for Sept. 22, 2024, but the result shows how far the AfD has come in the east of the country. The last time RBB ran its Brandenburg Trend poll in April, the AfD was only at 23 percent. With the latest result, the AfD is only performing better in Saxony, where it is also in first place at 35 percent.

That gap between the other parties and the AfD is also notable, with the second-place Social Democrats (SPD) also 12 points behind the AfD. The Christian Democrats, with whom the SPD is in a coalition in the German state, is also only at 18 points, having lost five points since the last survey. Meanwhile, the Greens, which are also in the coalition, are at 8 percent, which means that the three parties would no longer have enough votes to maintain their coalition if the election were held now.

The poll also showed that 57 percent of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the SPD-CDU-Green state government, while only 38 percent were satisfied.

Remix News has covered the rise of AfD in the polls over the last year, as well as the party’s extremely strong showing in the east of the country, where it is in first place in four of five of the states.

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