Iraqi migrant sentenced to 34 months in prison for raping 90-year-old German woman

The perpetrator accused the victim of lying in her recorded testimony

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody

An Iraqi migrant in Germany has been sentenced to just two years and ten months in prison for the rape of a 90-year-old German woman in the emergency room of Friedrichstadt hospital.

Iraqi father, 33-year-old Munthar L. had been charged by prosecutors with rape with wilful bodily harm following the assault in May 2021, a charge he has denied throughout and accused the victim of lying.

The pensioner, known to the court as Lili F., had attended hospital for an X-ray following a fall at the retirement home in which she resided. While in the waiting room, she was in need of the toilet, and it was upon entering the bathroom that she was accosted by the defendant, according to German newspaper Tag24.

“Suddenly someone pushed the wheelchair at the door and sat me in the toilet,” she told the Dresden Regional Court.

“At first I thought it was a nurse. But when he wordlessly rubbed his hands between my legs and touched my chest, I got scared,” she added.

Lili F. revealed to the court how she had experienced nightmares regularly following the attack.

The perpetrator, who lives in Dresden, in the outskirts of Gorbitz, with his 9-year-old daughter and his wife who is suffering from kidney disease, disputed the victim’s account, insisting: “She is lying. I wanted to help. I only took her to the toilet.”

However his testimony was not believed by the court who sentenced him to just under three years in prison.

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