‘Politically correct’ Germany needs a turning point in ‘irresponsible’ migration policy, AfD leader claims

Alice Weidel, co-leader of the Alternative for Germany party (AfD), delivers a speech during an election campaign event of the AfD in front of the Charlottenburg palace in Berlin, Germany, Friday, Sept. 24, 2021. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)
By Thomas Brooke
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The experiment of ideology-driven multiculturalism pursued by the German government and its predecessors has failed, and a rapid change in migration policy is now required to prevent the New Year’s Eve riots in Berlin from becoming a blueprint for the entire Federal Republic, the leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) opposition party, Alice Weidel, has said.

In an opinion piece for the Junge Freiheit news outlet published on Saturday, the AfD leader lamented the “civil war-like conditions and the state’s loss of control” witnessed across the German capital at the turn of the year, which she claimed reveals the “deep contempt” some newcomers have for their host country.

“The willingness to use violence against police officers, rescue workers, and passers-by that became clear that night is shocking,” Weidel said, referring to the 145 people arrested for civil disorder that resulted in multiple injuries to emergency service responders — 100 of those arrested do not possess a German passport and 11 are of dual nationality, according to the latest update from Berlin authorities.

Weidel claimed the latest incident of civil unrest only proved further how uncontrolled mass immigration “imports violence and crime, and destabilizes the receiving society.” She added that Germany’s way of life and its values “are seriously endangered” and called on the public to rise above the fear of needing to be “politically correct” and accept that multiculturalism across the country has failed.

The AfD leader suggested a multi-faceted approach to tackle the issues caused by uncontrolled mass migration. However, she remained pessimistic that Germany’s traffic light coalition would listen, claiming unrestricted immigration has now become a “state doctrine” among Germany’s mainstream political parties.

First, the “irresponsible policy” of open borders initially pushed by former Chancellor Angela Merkel must end. Greater oversight must be implemented to ensure that asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected, economic migrants who entered the country illegally, and economic migrants who hold a criminal record are swiftly returned to their country of origin.

Second, the Berlin Senate and mainstream media must wake up to the existing problems the country is facing regarding multiculturalism. She claimed the “manipulative language” used by large swathes of the media to describe the events on New Year’s Eve — talk of the need for “firecracker bans” and calling those involved “youths” instead of commenting on the fact that the majority of the mayhem was instigated by those with a migrant background — must be stamped out.

“Not naming facts does not solve any problems, and politicians’ routinely spun phrases are a mockery for all citizens who care about the safety of their children and families,” the AfD leader said, adding that those who sought to cry “racism” at those brave enough to state facts were essentially attempting to “exonerate violent criminals.”

Lastly, Weidel insisted that those who immigrate to Germany “have a duty to integrate,” claiming integration to date has failed miserably.

“Integration only succeeds if the rules and values ​​of our society are accepted,” she wrote.

Weidel also stated that Germany’s “cuddly justice” must come to an end to deter those thinking that breaking the law is acceptable. She called for the federal government to stop advertising the country to economic migrants across the world with “higher social benefits, excessive promises of residence, and easier naturalization.”

“The social problems that became visible to everyone in our country on New Year’s Eve must therefore be tackled and solved without hesitation,” she concluded, warning that the civil unrest witnessed in Berlin cannot be allowed to spread across the country any time soon.

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