9 in 10 Hungarians favor EU membership, new polling reveals

Hungarians would support EU membership even if Prime Minister Viktor Orbán encouraged the country to vote to leave the bloc

editor: REMIX NEWS
Police in front of the Hungarian Parliament. (Index/István Huszti)

There is an overwhelming support in Hungary for EU membership across most political convictions, according to the latest polling.

In a poll conducted by Medián towards the end of May, Hungarians were asked: “Should Hungary, as Great Britain did, hold a referendum on EU membership. how would you vote?”

According to the survey, the vast majority of the Hungarian population (almost nine-tenths) is still in favor of EU membership, and this is almost true regardless of party affiliation. Support is lower among voters in the far-right Our Homeland party, but is still more than two-thirds among their ranks.

The survey also found that the only difference between the government side and the opposition is that there are fewer Fidesz voters who “fully” and more who “mostly” support Hungary’s membership in the Union.

According to Median, despite the almost unified social support, there are more and more concerns about whether the widening conflicts will lead to Hungary’s withdrawal.

Even more interestingly, the poll also showed that 81 percent of Hungarians would still vote for EU membership even if Prime Minister Viktor Orbán urged them to leave the bloc.

Support for European Union membership was strongly correlated with education levels; 82 percent of university graduates would vote to stay under all circumstances. This proportion is 64 percent among high school graduates, 57 percent among those who have completed vocational training and 43 percent among those with only eight years of education completed.

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