Budapest’s Semmelweis University among top 300 in the world

By Dénes Albert
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The Budapest Semmelweis University has improved in all relevant metrics in the latest rankings of Times Higher Education, making it one of the top 300 higher education institutions in the world, advancing 149 places.

With this, it achieved the highest jump in ranking among all Hungarian universities and was second in that regard among European higher education institutions, Rector Béla Merkely told national news agency MTI on Thursday.

Semmelweis University has advanced 149 places since last year’s 426th place in the recently published Times Higher Education World University Ranking.

The institution, ranked 401-500 last year, advanced into the 250-300 bracket. Merkely emphasized that the Semmelweis University scored the second-highest gain among the top 500 among European universities.

“This confirms that the development of the institution is moving in the right direction along the set ambitious goals, thanks to the outstanding performance of the university citizens,” the rector emphasized. “The university was able to improve in all major indicators, the indicator of education increased the most, but also in three areas – education, citation and internationality – it is among the top 25 percent of ranked universities.”

According to the announcement, a total of 11 Hungarian universities have made it to onto the list. Among the universities included in the first thousand are the Eötvös Loránd University (rank 601-800), while the University of Pécs, the University of Debrecen, and the University of Szeged are all in the 801-1000 bracket.

World rankings traditionally measure institutions based on indicators in five areas: educational environment, research, citation, industrial revenue, and international orientation. At the top of the overall rankings are Oxford, the California Institute of Technology, Harvard, and Stanford universities.

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