Digging an early grave? Hungary holds 5th national grave-digging contest

Grave-digging contest in Tata, Hungary. (YouTube)
By Dénes Albert
1 Min Read

While it may not become an Olympic discipline anytime soon, grave-digging has apparently become a popular sport in Hungary.

The Association of Hungarian Cemetery Maintainers and Operators reported on its official website that the 5th National Grave Digging Competition was held in Tata on Saturday morning at the Kocsis Street cemetery.

Quite a few men applied for the match, and the organizers of the event wrote the following in their announcement: “In the competition, we evaluate the performance of the teams according to precise professional aspects, so speed will not be the only virtue of the winning team. It is important to compete respectfully and with grace according to our profession, as well as to observe the exact dimensions of the grave pit and the aesthetic appearance of the mound.”

While there was no result available of who won the contest, there is also a short video of it, accompanied by U.S. drill sergeant music. One of the frames clearly shows how much dust they had to work with.

Hungary is not the only country to feature grave-digging contests, with Slovakia, Russia, and Poland all hosting similar events over the year.

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