Downtown Budapest hotel wins 7 international awards

One of Budapest’s most renowned hotels keeps bringing home international awards

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Hírlap
View from the Duchess suite of Budapest's Matild Palace hotel. (

Budapest’s downtown Matild Palace hotel won seven awards at the International Property Awards 2022–2023 in London, reports Hungarian news outlet Magyar Hírlap.

The International Property Awards is a globally recognized mark of excellence, rewarding companies in all sectors of the property sector for the highest levels of performance.

In addition to the hotel’s conference rooms, suites and bathrooms, the interiors of the restaurant Spago Budapest by Wolfgang Puck and The Duchess bar were also recognized.

The twin Matild and Clotild palaces on a contemporary postcard.

“We are very proud that Matild Palace’s beautiful interiors have received another award. It is always a pleasure for us when our interior design and renovation work receives recognition, as it is confirmation that we are able to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience,” said Selim Ölmez, General Manager of Matild Palace.

The Matild Palace, one of two twin buildings built on the eastern bank of the Danube between 1899 and 1902, is owned by a group of Turkish investors; its conversion to a luxury hotel was designed by Greek interior designer Maria Vafiadis.

The hotel received the following awards during the event:

  • Best International Hotel Bathroom Interior 2022-2023
  • Best International Hotel Conference Facilities Interior 2022-2023
  • Best Hotel Conference Facilities Interior Europe
  • Best Hotel Restaurant Interior Europe (Spago by Wolfgang Puck Budapest)
  • Best Hotel Bathroom Interior Europe
  • Best Hotel Bar Interior Europe (The Duchess)
  • Best Hotel Suite Interior Europe (Maria Klotild Royal Suite)
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