Dutch MP: Dutch tourists choose Hungary due to its anti-globalist stances on migration, LGBTQ

By Dénes Albert
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Hungary is turning into a top destination for Dutch people and part of the reason has to do with politics, according to a Dutch MP and the founder of the Forum For Democracy party.

“I’m very excited to be here in Hungary because I’ve been a great admirer of your country for years,” Dutch MP and parliamentary leader Thierry Baudet said on Sunday.

Speaking on the popular Youtube security policy podcast Ultrahang, the Dutch MP and founder of the conservative party Forum for Democracy said that many people here don’t know it, but Hungary is one of the favorite destinations for Dutch people these days, and the reason is that the Netherlands has a huge problem with immigration and liberal policies, with many people seeing Hungary’s government as an antidote to these issues.

Dutch MP Thierry Baudet says many Dutch connect with Hungary’s political stances, which is helping drive tourism.

At the same time, the Dutch are increasingly rejecting woke ideology, the LGBTQ agenda, and there is growing opposition to the euro currency, which Baudest said “is a disaster.”

In response to these issues, “Hungary is leading the way,” the Dutch MP said.

Baudet suggested that anti-globalists in Europe should form an alliance, as “Europe is collapsing under the direction the EU has chosen in relation to the war in Ukraine, which is a total disaster for the continent.”

The war in Ukraine was provoked by NATO, under pressure from U.S. industry, he said, adding that “the military complex thought, ‘Now it’s our turn to start a war and then we’ll make some money.'”

According to Baudet, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are losing their lives needlessly, so Europe should go back to the negotiating table and come to an agreement with the Ukrainians, the Russians and the European nations because the current situation is not good for any citizens.

He also said he considers it stupid and outrageous that anyone who takes a pro-peace stance is immediately branded a Russian spy or a fascist.

“This continent is no longer thinking, our politicians are brain-dead,” he added.

Speaking again about Hungary, he said what he liked about Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is that he thinks about the next generation and the generation after that.

“Our prime minister has no children, and there was once a debate in parliament in which it turned out that he had never had sexual relations with anyone in his life,” he said, referring to outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Baudet then said that Rutte is a man who is detached from reality and the human experience.

According to Baudet, this is why Rutte’s policies were so extreme, and “liberalism is an ideology that comes out of nowhere, whereas what is happening in Hungary is the kind of policy we are proposing, based on people’s experience.”

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, “it is impossible to buy petrol, people cannot buy a house, it is almost impossible to start a family, which is the consequence of family policy,” Baudet said. He added: “There are also the trans-sensitization programs, in which children are obliged to participate, and the whole country is groaning under the weight of the sanctions we had to impose on Russia.”

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