European elections will be fought on the issue of mass migration, says Hungary PM Orbán

By Dénes Albert
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A key battleground during the European parliamentary elections next year will be the issue of mass migration, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said, claiming that the migration policies adopted by liberal governments in Western Europe have increased the terror threat on the continent.

Speaking to Hungary’s Kossuth Rádió, the Hungarian leader said that a recently declassified secret service report on migration proved his administration right in its assessment that “migration and terrorism go hand in hand,” and reaffirmed his government’s commitment to cracking down on illegal immigration in the name of national security.

Migrants are becoming increasingly aggressive and are trying to break through Hungary’s southern border fence using increasingly brutal means, Orbán warned, adding that the increasing radicalization of migrants at the border is being driven by terrorist organizations.

He blamed bad leadership in Brussels for threatening the bloc’s “core goals of peace and prosperity,” and called for “urgent reform,” which could be facilitated by a surge toward conservative values at the next European parliamentary elections.

“We do not want mini Gazas in the districts of Budapest,” Orbán insisted, stressing that once the European Union lets in migrants, they often cannot be thrown out, and the newcomers form ghettos within existing communities, which leads to social disintegration.

He questioned how liberal elites could still remain in favor of mass migration and called for national unity on the issue in Hungary.

The Hungarian leader accused Brussels of being “captured by a globalist elite and financial groups,” and said “their decisions are motivated by the interests of these groups.”

“People do not want war and migration, which is why one of the main stakes of the European elections will be a change in migration policy. Because change is needed in Brussels,” he added.

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