Four dead, 30 injured in Hungarian rally tragedy

A wrecked racing car at the site of the Esztergom-Nyerges Rally, near Bajot, on March 24, 2024. According to initial repots, four people were killed and seven were injured when a vehicle drifted off the road for an unknown reason during the rally between Lábatlan and Bajot. MTI/Boglárka Boglárka
By Dénes Albert
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Four spectators died and up to 30 people have been injured in the worst rally tragedy this decade during the Esztergom Rally in northern Hungary, Magyar Hírlap reports.

One car went off the track, colliding with 11 people. Rescue helicopters, ambulances and other units were immediately dispatched to the scene. Whether spectators were standing in the wrong place or what exactly happened is not yet known.

According to RallyLife, a couple driving a Skoda Fabia R5 crashed into the spectators, injuring many people and killing four, including a little girl. The rally was immediately stopped and an investigation is underway.

According to information, eight ambulances and four rescue helicopters arrived at the scene of the accident on the second day of the 11th Esztergom-Nyerges Rally, on the Lábatlan-Bajna high-speed section. Four people could no longer be saved, one child was taken to the hospital with serious life-threatening injuries, one person had serious injuries, and six others, including one child, suffered minor injuries.

The Hungarian National Motorsport Federation’s management expressed its condolences to the relatives and family members and vowed to immediately investigate the circumstances of the accident in cooperation with the authorities. The MNASZ and the race organizers will not provide any further information or statements until the investigation is completed, they said.

The Arrabona Rally Club, the organizer of the event, first issued a short statement on its social media page, revealing that the decision of the Supervisory Board to stop the season openers of the ORB2, ORB3 and Historic had also been published. A few hours before the accident, it was reported that oil had been spilled on the track.

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