Hungarian musical reaches one million viewers

Entirely made in Hungary

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: MTI

Budapest’s Vígszínház theater will celebrate one million views of its musical “The Attic” on Monday, a major landmark for the entirely domestic production.

The musical, which premiered in 1988 and has since had an uninterrupted theatrical run. was written by Péter Horváth and features music by Gábor Presser and lyrics by Dusán Sztevanovity.

Unlike a Youtube video, where earning one million views is not much of an achievement, this theater has managed to lure one million people to sit for a live performance over the course of three decades.

The musical tells the story of a burglary of two young people in love and of four ghosts looking for the “other” world.

In terms of longevity and commercial success, it is only rivaled by British playwright and actor Ray Cooney’s “Run for Your Wife”, which is nearing its 1,000th performance.

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