Hungary’s left has long history of supporting pedophiles

2021 session of the Hungarian Parliament, which approved the toughening of child protection laws. (Magyar Nemzet)
By John Cody
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Hungary’s opposition parties the Socialists (MSZP), the Democratic Convention (DK), Momentum and the green Dialogue have feigned faux concern over pedophiles to score political points, but their track record shows they have a long history of protecting and sheltering pedophiles.

These left-wing parties have laughably joined the demonstrations organized by civilians in the wake of the highly publicized pardon case in recent weeks, which saw former President Katalin Novák pardon a man accused of covering up sexual abuse in a children’s home.

The left-wing parties’ street protests against pedophilia are particularly controversial, given that in 2021, when they had the opportunity to vote for the anti-pedophile bill, they walked out of the parliament in protest.

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Let us review what this bill actually included and what they were walking out against. Their boycott showed they were against the bill’s mandatory pedophile register and laws against pedophile child pornography. Furthermore, the law outlined sexual crimes should not be statute-barred and that pedophiles should not be allowed to do educational work.

The Hungarian government is pointing all this out, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán noting that his government has put eight times as many pedophiles in prison as the previous Socialist government.

The proposal on tougher action against pedophile offenders and amending certain laws to protect children was adopted by the Hungarian Parliament on the last day of the summer session of 2021, with 157 votes in favor and one against. The proposal was voted for by the governing party MPs and the right-wing MPs, while the other left-wing parties boycotted the vote by withdrawing.

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The DK, Párbeszéd, MSZP and LMP, but also Ákos Hadházy, Bernadett Szél and Szabolcs Szabó, independent MEPs, refused to participate in the vote on the anti-pedophile bill, and the only independent MEP Sándor Székely voted against it.

They argued that the government had introduced anti-gay amendments into the anti-pedophile law. However, the ruling party’s main justification for the package of laws was that in previous years the courts had often handed down very lenient sentences in cases involving pedophile offenders.

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Left-wing parties and rights organizations even held a demonstration on Kossuth Square, which was attended by Ferenc Gyurcsány and Gergely Karácsony. Klára Dobrev sent a message from Brussels that she was there “in spirit” with them. The slogan of the demonstration was “Acceptance instead of Propaganda Law,” and not surprisingly, the demonstration was organized by Amnesty International Hungary, Budapest Pride, the Background Society, the Labris Lesbian Association, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the Prism Community and the Rainbow Families Foundation.

The left also remained silent when an Antifa activist was found in possession of 70,000 pedophile videos, including depictions of torture and sexual abuse on young children. The man reportedly worked for the Hungarian left-wing organization known as the Szikra Movement, which was founded by Hungarian left-wing MP András Jámbor. The activist killed himself under mysterious circumstances last year.

There is also the time that Tamás Bauer and HVG made excuses for pedophile offenders, a fact that Fidesz caucus leader Máté Kocsis reminded on his social media page. The conservative Fidesz leader also recalled when András Pikó, leftist mayor of Budapest’s eighth district, took photos and campaigned with the notorious pedophile Zsolt B., or when András Pulai said that “you can feel sympathy for pedophiles.”

Based on their past actions, statements, and associations, there are many elements of the Hungarian left, as well as the broader international left, that either have sympathy for pedophiles or outright support them.

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