PM Orbán is fighting for democracy, Tucker Carlson says

By Dénes Albert
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“Viktor Orbán simply resists the efforts of a lone billionaire named György Soros to transform his country. In fact, he is defending democracy against unaccountable billionaires, the NGOs, and certain Western governments. He fights for democracy with the forces that want to bury it,” Carlson – in Hungary for a conservative festival – told Mandiner.

“I believe in democracy and self-determination – as an American, this is central to not only my perception of the state, but also my self-image. I don’t think the NGOs should determine how to run a country,” Carlson said. “I think that is for the people in that country to decide. If, for example, the people of Mali want to legislate ideas that I hate, it is their business – I believe in the idea, in the concept of democracy and self-government. That’s why we’re here, that’s what we’re reporting.”

Asked about Soros’ influence, Carlson said the billionaire uses his immense fortune to influence politics in an unfair manner.

“Let me give you an example. At least two American cities ran for the election of prosecutors with George Soros as their biggest donor. He arranged their election. These people then did not want to obey the law. The United States is a vast country with a population of almost three hundred and fifty million, but civic awareness is extremely low”, Carlson said.

“People only care about the choice to vote for Trump or Biden. But there are thousands more officials below the presidential level on whom the country’s governance depends. And a man like Soros can rush a local election with his donations.”

Carlson also came to the defense of Hungary’s child protection law passed in June, which came under concerted attack from the West for allegedly being homophobic.

“Parents have the right to decide who can talk to their children about sex. Full stop. It doesn’t matter if it’s gay or heterosexual sex. I don’t want you to talk to my kids about sex, if you do, I might you, because it’s disgusting. If you are bothered that the punishment for pedophilia has become harsher, it will tell more about you than it does about people trying to criminalize pedophilia?” Carlson said.

“And I can only repeat: this is your country, if you want it, you get it, this is democracy. One can argue about this in Hungary, but why is Brussels intervening, why are New York-based NGOs outraged?”

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