PM Orbán’s warning: Russia cannot win because the entire West is behind Ukraine, and Russia cannot be cornered because it has nuclear weapons

Europe has been weakened because the Biden administration has asserted its interests in Brussels at the expense of Europe, said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

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author: John Cody
Britain's Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, second right, bottom, poses with Ukrainian soldiers during a visit to Bovington Camp, a British Army military base where they are training on Challenger 2 tanks, in Dorset, England, Wednesday Feb. 22, 2023. (Ben Birchall/Pool via AP)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Russia cannot win because the whole of the Western world has lined up behind Ukraine, but at the same time, Russia is a nuclear power, and a nuclear power cannot be cornered, because it could start a nuclear war.

These two facts are setting the world up for a potential tragedy, according to Orbán, and are the reason for his determined pro-peace stance and calls for an immediate ceasefire.

Orbán made the remark during a meeting of MPs of his Fidesz governing party in the summer resort city of Balatonfüred. During the meeting, he said the Hungarian government has no reason to change its pro-peace stance because the Hungarian national interest still requires that the country should stay out of this war.

“This is what the Hungarian people decided in April: We will not supply arms, we will not join any war coalition,” the prime minister noted. Orbán stressed in his speech that “we are not cheering for anyone, because there can be no winner in this war.”

The Fidesz party leader reaffirmed that, in his view, the only morally correct position in the war is the Fidesz-KDNP position, because lives can only be saved through a ceasefire and peace, and therefore a ceasefire and peace negotiations are needed immediately.

Europe is weakened

According to the prime minister, Europe has been weakened over the past year because the Biden administration is asserting its interests in Brussels at the expense of European interests. The responses to the war and the tsunami of sanctions have begun to weaken the European economy, while the U.S., rich with cheap energy, is unaffected.

In addition, Orbán said that Europe’s military strength has also begun to weaken because the war has reduced the European armies’ stockpiles and no provision has been made to replace them.

All in all, the Hungarian prime minister stated that Europe has lost its independence and its economic and military strength in less than a year. In this situation, Hungary must represent its own interests, because only then can it emerge from the war unscathed and stronger. According to the prime minister, this requires three things:

First, Hungary’s independence must be defended, which means defending the pro-peace position against the Biden administration and Brussels.

The second point is to preserve the strength of the Hungarian economy, which means protecting jobs, families, the elderly and those who work. Last but not least, Hungary must strengthen Hungary’s military power because peace requires strength.

Orbán said the third item is the fight against inflation, highlighting the importance of that battle, which was mainly triggered by the European Union’s sanctions against Russia.

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